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Andropause Warning Signs and Estrogen Relationship

Andropause Warning Signs and Estrogen Relationship

The hormone progesterone and andropause symptoms seem to be connected to one another. Most andropause symptoms start when problems with the prostate begin to occur. The prostate is a walnut-shaped gland that is approximately 1.5 inches long and located just below a man’s bladder. Its primary function is to produce fluid for semen. In order for the prostate gland to function properly, adequate amounts of hormones are needed, including progesterone, testosterone, and estrogen. When proper amounts of these hormones are not naturally produced, andropause symptoms such as prostate problems begin to occur.

Andropause Symptoms and the Estrogen Connection

Andropause Cream - Increase Male Libido

Some of the most common problems that occur when males first begin experiencing andropause include frequent urination, fatigue, low sex drives, and enlarged prostates. This is a result of a testosterone/estrogen imbalance. Although testosterone is the male hormone most thought of, men also naturally produce small amounts of estrogen from testosterone. The problem arises when men begin to age and their testosterone/estrogen ratio declines, sometimes almost dramatically. Now, understand that an enzyme known as “aromatase,” which is particularly prevalent in fat cells, converts testosterone to estrogen. Because most men lose muscle and gain fat as they get older, their aromatase activity increases, which, in turn, reduces the amount of testosterone in the body while at the same time increasing the amount of estrogen in the body.

It has been reported that with the suppression of estrogen levels and restoring the testosterone/estrogen balance, as well as increasing progesterone levels, andropause symptoms can be lessened and, even possibly eliminated altogether. Fortunately today, there are natural remedies available that help men achieve this hormone balancing of testosterone/estrogen levels.

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Male Menopause Symptoms & Understanding About Progesterone Cream

Male Menopause Symptoms & Understanding About Progesterone Cream

As male menopause (a.k.a. “andropause”) occurs, the physical strength, endurance, mental concentration, and focus are reduced. For a number of years, doctors chalked all of this up to poor lifestyle, but now are admitting that men as well as women suffer with “menopausal” symptoms or male menopause. While male menopause has no definite causes, it is related to the gradual decline of men’s testosterone levels and lower progesterone levels. Some experts believe that it can also be triggered by obesity, poor lifestyle and even dementia.

Now the question may arise, do men suffer with the same menopausal symptoms as women? According to medical scientists, because women have different levels of estrogen hormones in their bodies, men do not suffer with the same symptoms. That being said, men still experience bothersome symptoms that should be addressed. Such symptoms include a declining ability to concentrate, memory loss, irritability, depression, sleep problems, fatigue, declining sex drive, erectile dysfunction, frequent urination, and even gynecomastia (male breasts).

Treatment of Male Menopause Symptoms

Treatment of male menopause symptoms is somewhat controversial, as doctors are only just beginning to truly understand the condition. The first thing that a man should do when showing signs of male menopause is to consult with a doctor. The doctor most likely will first focus on the levels of testosterone in the body and how to best adjust these levels with the levels of progesterone in order to achieve proper hormonal balancing. Some treatment plans may include testosterone therapy that may consist of the use of progesterone creams. It is important to understand, however, that the recommended treatments may depend on the actual menopause symptoms occurring.

As with hormone replacement therapy in women, male menopause treatments should not be taken lightly, as certain testosterone replacement therapies do have potential risks and side effects. For instance, replacing testosterone may increase the chances of prostate cancer. In some instances, doctors are also recommending lifestyle changes to help alleviate some of the symptoms of male menopause, including a change in diet and an exercise program.

Progesterone Cream for Men

Over the past several years, much research has been conducted that reflects that the use of safe, non-surgical and non-prescription remedies such as natural progesterone cream for men work just as effective in helping treat prostate problems. Dr. Brent Formby from the Sansum Medical Research Institute in Santa Barbara, California conducted research that revealed that progesterone may help men with prostate problems. Dr. Formby documented that with the use of progesterone, a decreased and even stoppage of the growth of prostate cancer cells occurred.

Today, progesterone cream for men is being used to help eliminate symptoms that are a result of having an enlarged prostate. Additionally, progesterone creams are being used to help alleviate symptoms of decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, and symptoms of Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH).

Understanding Why Progesterone Cream for Men Works

Andropause Cream - Natural Progesterone for Men

When most people think of progesterone, they think of it as a female hormone. However, men generally produce progesterone as well in both their testicular and adrenal tissues. Problems begin to arise as men age and their progesterone levels decline, along with their testosterone levels. Additionally, prolonged stress can also lessen the amount of progesterone in the body as the stress hormone cortisol is actually made from progesterone, testosterone, estrogen, and other steroid hormones.

One researcher, Ray Peat noted that one of the most vital roles for progesterone in the body is to oppose the toxic effects of too much estrogen in the body. Additionally, Dr. John Lee, the progesterone expert, also noted that progesterone takes on multiple roles in promoting good prostate health. It is well documented that progesterone inhibits the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is weaker than testosterone and is a far greater stimulant of prostate cell growth compared to testosterone. Therefore, using a progesterone cream can help one achieve the proper balance between testosterone, DHT, and estrogen.

It is important that men who suffer from symptoms of prostate problems get tested for hormonal imbalances of testosterone, progesterone, and estrogen. Once you understand your condition thoroughly, you and your doctor will be able to review your treatment options. For many, progesterone cream for men is just the answer they are looking for.

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Doctor’s Recommended Best Prostate Cream

Doctor’s Recommended Best Prostate Cream

Prostate Cream

A prostate cream is often used by men 35 years of age and older when their bodies begin going through various physical changes, leaving them with a hormonal imbalance. When a hormonal imbalance occurs, prostate problems tend to occur. This happens when testosterone levels decrease and too much estrogen is produced and not enough progesterone is produced. By using a prostate cream, men are able to increase their progesterone levels and achieve hormonal balancing.

Doctors Recommend a Prostate Cream

As more and more men want non-invasive and natural solutions for hormone imbalances, doctors will recommend a prostate cream that contains progesterone. Prostate progesterone creams today are recommended as safer alternatives to other more invasive types of treatment for male hormonal imbalances that lead to prostate problems. Prostate progesterone cream should be applied in small amounts of not more than half a teaspoon on the neck, chest, inner forearm, and scrotum. Because progesterone has some of its own effects on the body, it is important not to use too much at a time. That being said, prostate creams with progesterone can alleviate the symptoms of prostate problems in just a matter of weeks.Andropause Cream Progesterone Boost for Men

Using a Prostate Cream May Help:

In a 1999 Medical News Letter, renowned doctor, John R. Lee toted the following as his “Healthy Prostate Program:”

  1. Diet should avoid sugars, refined starches, and other glycemic (insulin-raising) foods as well as high estrogen food such as feedlot-raised meat and milk.
  2. Avoid xenoestrogens such as pesticides and some plastics
  3. Maintain a good intake of antioxidants.
  4. Patients over 50 years of age should monitor saliva hormone levels of progesterone and testosterone.
  5. Supplement progesterone and testosterone by transdermal cream to maintain saliva levels consistent with those of healthy mature males. When supplemented in this manner: I recommend 8 to 10 mg per day of progesterone and 1~2 mg per day of testosterone.
  6. From my clinical experience, it would not surprise me that exercise and active sex life are also protective factors against prostate cancer.

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Andropause Cream: Most Effective Natural Men’s Cream for Prostate Health

Andropause Cream: Most Effective Natural Men’s Cream for Prostate Health

If you are looking for Men’s Cream for Prostate Health, you have certainly come to the right place! Today, more and more men are finding that they can improve their prostate health by using andropause progesterone cream for men.

Every man wants to be in good health and have a healthy sex life, but when a prostate problem occurs, which often leads to a decreased libido and even erectile dysfunction, all of that tends to go down the tubes. Having to get up in the middle of the night frequently to urinate, experiencing pain during urination, suffering with the inability to sustain an erection, prostate enlargement and more, affect millions of men each and every year. When these things begin to occur, it is important to find out what the root cause is. Fortunately, saliva testing and other kinds of tests can be conducted that will check the levels of progesterone, testosterone, and estrogen. It is all about hormonal balancing. As with women, as men age, hormonal imbalances can and do occur. When this hormonal imbalance does occur, most men begin experiencing poor prostate health.

Andropause Cream - Increase Male Libido

Natural Men’s Cream for Prostate Health

Fortunately today, there are natural men’s’ creams for prostate health readily available. These creams generally will contain the natural ingredient, Saw Palmetto. Saw Palmetto is well documented as being a beneficial herb used to treat certain kinds of prostate problems and help to improve prostate health. It is often used to help lessen symptoms of an enlarged prostate and the urinary symptoms associated with the condition. Saw Palmetto is also used for other conditions, including bladder disorders, decreased sex drive, and hormonal imbalances.

Using a natural men’s’ cream to help improve prostate health is not uncommon today and something that should be considered and tried. While there are other remedies available, it is always nice to try something more “natural” and less harmful. That being said, you should review all of your options thoroughly with a doctor before deciding what the best course of treatment should be for your prostate health.

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Andropause Cream: Best Natural Progesterone For Men

Andropause Cream: Best Natural Progesterone For Men

Now more than ever, there is an increased interest in Andropause Cream. If you are one of the 50 million men today that are suffering with a prostate problem, you may very well benefit from using Andropause cream. Harvard-trained physician and a leading medical authority on natural progesterone, Dr. Lee talks about various men who either called or wrote to him about their experience with using natural progesterone cream for men such as Andropause Cream. In most instances, the benefits were discovered accidentally, after the man helped a woman use progesterone cream and then found that his own symptoms declined as a result of getting it on his hands.

Andropause Cream Can Help!

Many scientists believe that because of a hormonal imbalance, problems such as an enlarged prostate occurs. Fortunately, Andropause Cream can help as it contains progesterone, which helps men achieve hormonal balance between testosterone and estrogen levels. It prevents testosterone from converting into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which can lead to an enlarged prostate.

Andropause Cream - Increase Male Libido

It is important to note that most doctors don’t readily recommend a progesterone cream such as andropause as the first possible solution to a hormonal imbalance. Many doctors will first recommend lifestyle changes such as eating a healthier diet and exercising. The problem is that simply doing these things doesn’t always help, as doing them will not help men achieve the proper hormonal balances their bodies need and in the end, andropause cream or another progesterone cream is needed .

It is well noted today that Andropause Cream can provide an array of benefits, including perhaps even helping prevent prostate cancer. Simply massaging about half a teaspoon- full into the skin areas of the inner forearm, neck, chest, and scrotum once in the morning and again at night has proven to be very beneficial to those men who are suffering with andropausal symptoms.

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Amazing Benefits of Natural Progesterone For Men

Amazing Benefits of Natural Progesterone For Men

Progesterone for men is not something new and, in fact, is quite beneficial to those men who may be suffering with an enlarged prostate. As men age, their testosterone levels decline as the testosterone in their bodies converts to estrogen. When this occurs, men begin to suffer from various symptoms that may include depression, poor concentration, frequent urination, decreased libido, and increased body fat. Natural progesterone cream for men and supplements act as counter agents against estrogen and can help level out the hormonal imbalance that occurs with age.

Natural Progesterone for Men BenefitsAndropause Cream Progesterone Boost for Men

On the market today are a number of products that talk about progesterone for men benefits. What we have found is that progesterone creams tend to work better than progesterone supplements and we do recommend them. The reason for this is that progesterone does not absorb well orally and breaks down into unwanted metabolites. With progesterone creams, the progesterone is easily absorbed by the skin into the blood stream, making them much more effective. Shop natural progesterone cream for men now at your trusted natural health supplements store online!

Progesterone for men benefits discovered after the usage of progesterone creams include the shrinkage of an enlarged prostate and lessening of the painful symptoms that come from it. Additionally, it has been noted that when progesterone creams are used daily, men are also able to get symptom relief when suffering with other health conditions. Creams such as natural progesterone for men also have been noted to help regulate blood sugar levels and even help to prevent prostate cancer. Dr. Platt, author of the, “Natural Hormone Therapy for Men, Women and Children” book notes that low progesterone may contribute to “hyperinsulinemia,” which occurs when an excessive level of insulin circulates throughout the bloodstream. Hyperinsulinemia may lead to obesity and obesity-related complications.

Furthermore, Dr. Platt notes that men 50 years of age and older may be able to prevent prostate cancer by using progesterone creams regularly. In his book, Dr. Platt notes that as men age, their progesterone levels decline while their estrogen levels increase. This coincides generally right around the same time as when men become “at risk” for prostate cancer.