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A prostate cream is often used by men 35 years of age and older when their bodies begin going through various physical changes, leaving them with a hormonal imbalance. When a hormonal imbalance occurs, prostate problems tend to occur. This happens when testosterone levels decrease and too much estrogen is produced and not enough progesterone is produced. By using a prostate cream, men are able to increase their progesterone levels and achieve hormonal balance.

Doctors Recommend a Prostate Cream

As more and more men want non-invasive and natural solutions for hormone imbalances, doctors will recommend a prostate cream that contains progesterone. Prostate progesterone creams today are recommended as safer alternatives to other more invasive types of treatment for male hormonal imbalances that lead to prostate problems. Prostate progesterone cream should be applied in small amounts of not more than half a teaspoon on the neck, chest, inner forearm, and scrotum. Because progesterone has some of its own effects on the body, it is important not to use too much at a time. That being said, prostate creams with progesterone may alleviate the symptoms of prostate problems in just a matter of weeks.

Using a Prostate Cream May Help:Andropause Cream Progesterone Boost for Men

In a 1999 Medical Newsletter, renowned doctor, John R. Lee toted the following as his “Healthy Prostate Program:”

  1. Diet should avoid sugars, refined starches, and other glycemic (insulin-raising) foods, as well as high-estrogen foods such as feedlot-raised meat and milk.
  2. Avoid xenoestrogens such as pesticides and some plastics.
  3. Maintain a good intake of antioxidants.
  4. Patients over 50 years of age should monitor saliva hormone levels of progesterone and testosterone.
  5. Supplement progesterone and testosterone with transdermal cream to maintain saliva levels consistent with those of healthy mature males. When supplemented in this manner: I recommend 8 to 10 mg per day of progesterone and 1~2 mg per day of testosterone.
  6. From my clinical experience, it would not surprise me that exercise and active sex life are also protective factors against prostate cancer.

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