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Benefits of Natural Progesterone For Men
Amazing Benefits of Natural Progesterone For Men

Progesterone for men is not something new and, in fact, is quite beneficial to those men who may be suffering from an enlarged prostate. As men age, their testosterone levels decline as the testosterone in their bodies converts to estrogen. When this occurs, men begin to suffer from various symptoms that may include depression, poor concentration, frequent urination, decreased libido, and increased body fat. Natural progesterone cream for men and supplements act as counter agents against estrogen and may help level out the hormonal imbalance that occurs with age.

Natural Progesterone for Men BenefitsAndropause Cream Progesterone Boost for Men

On the market today are a number of products that talk about progesterone for men’s benefits. What we have found is that progesterone creams tend to work better than progesterone supplements and we do recommend them. The reason for this is that progesterone does not absorb well orally and breaks down into unwanted metabolites. With progesterone creams, the progesterone is easily absorbed by the skin into the bloodstream, making them much more effective. Shop natural progesterone cream for men now at your trusted natural health supplements store online!

Progesterone for men benefits discovered after the usage of progesterone creams includes the shrinkage of an enlarged prostate and lessening of the painful symptoms that come from it. Additionally, it has been noted that when progesterone creams are used daily, men are also able to get symptom relief when suffering from other health conditions. Creams such as natural progesterone for men also have been noted to help regulate blood sugar levels and may reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer. Dr. Platt, author of the “Natural Hormone Therapy for Men, Women, and Children” book notes that low progesterone may contribute to “hyperinsulinemia,” which occurs when an excessive level of insulin circulates throughout the bloodstream. Hyperinsulinemia may lead to obesity and obesity-related complications.

Furthermore, Dr. Platt notes that men 50 years of age and older may be able to alleviate prostate cancer by using progesterone creams regularly. In his book, Dr. Platt notes that as men age, their progesterone levels decline while their estrogen levels increase. This coincides generally right around the same time as when men become “at risk” for prostate cancer.

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